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What is Kerbal Edit?
KerbalEdit is a Reference application based upon the KerbalData ( It is a fully usable
end user application with source to give other developers a guide in thier own KerbalData Applications.

KerbalEdit allows you to:
  • Load/Edit/Save KSP Save, Craft (both global and under a specific save), Part and game settings.
  • Scan a KSP install for all available data files
  • Import/Export Files to your game quickly
  • Automatically backs up changed files, keeps a copy of original data to restore live object.
  • Save Development Time : Time Savings
  • Do simple popular actions
    • Clear all debris and unknown items from a save
    • Put any craft currently in game (on the pad or in orbit) in orbit around any body
    • Refuel any or all craft in your save with a single command (fills any resource to max)
    • more to come (looking for suggestions)...

Want to make your own app using KSP data? KerbalData makes it easy!

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